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September 30, 2005 Review

Your personal star rating for Chukchansi Gold: Five Stars
How often do you visit Chukchansi Gold? Monthly
How were you treated by the staff at Chukchansi Gold? Very well
Do you belong to the Chukchansi Gold players club? Yes
Do you respond to players club offers? Yes
How was the mix of table games at Chukchansi Gold? Very good
What table game or games do you like best at Chukchansi Gold? Blackjack
What were the table minimums when you were at Chukchansi Gold? Five Dollars
What type of slots did Chukchansi Gold have when you were there? Good mix of everything
If you saw nickel machines at Chukchansi Gold, were they reel or video type machines? Every type
What available slot denominations did you notice at Chukchansi Gold? All
Which slot machine did you like most at Chukchansi Gold? Reel Nickels
Which slot machine did you like least at Chukchansi Gold? Video slots
How well did you do gambling at Chukchansi Gold? I survived
Did you better on slots or table games? Slots
If you stayed at a nearby hotel or motel overnight, how was it? Nice, reasonable
Where did you stay? Best Western
How was the food at Chukchansi Gold? Average
Where did you eat? Buffet-Cafeteria
Did you generally feel secure at Chukchansi Gold? Yes
What day of the week did you arrive at the casino? Saturday
What day of the week did you depart? Sunday
What month did you visit Chukchansi Gold? September
Were you there on a recognized holiday? No
How was traffic getting to Chukchansi Gold? Light and easy
How was parking at Chukchansi Gold? Easy self parking
How was traffic leaving Chukchansi Gold? Light and easy
How did you get to Chukchansi Gold? Car
How far did you travel to reach Chukchansi Gold? 100-150 miles
How do you feel California Indian Casinos compare with the Nevada gaming experience? About equal
Do you still visit Nevada casinos now that gaming is available in California? Yes, but less
Will you return to Chukchansi Gold? Yes

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